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Why You Should Consider Invisalign

While orthodontic treatment is commonly known for its cosmetic benefits, people tend to overlook the positive benefits it has on your overall health. If you live in Toronto and are looking for experienced orthodontists, then look no further. You don’t want to your oral health on the back burner as misaligned teeth cause an indirect threat as:

  • Your teeth are more prone to tooth decay, since it is harder to properly clean overlapping, or crowded teeth.
  • Crooked teeth are more prone to injury and accidents due to their poor positioning in your mouth.
  • A bad bite may cause an imbalance to your jaw muscles on the long run, leading to TMJ problems and teeth wear among other dental problems.
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Benefits of Invisalign

With most people, especially adults feeling uncomfortable with having a metal filled smile, you no longer have to go through this inconvenience with orthodontic treatment. Invisalign offers a comfortable, removable and virtually invisible teeth aligner solution. Unlike traditional metal braces that are adhesively bonded to your teeth, Invisalign aligners can be removed to eat, drink, floss and brush your teeth at your own convenience. The clear aligners can go unnoticed in your mouth, providing you with the confidence to show that beautiful, white, metal-free smile during your treatment process. The thin and lightweight Invisalign aligners allow your teeth to gradually shift over a certain treatment course to reach a perfectly straight position.

The Cosmetically Appealing And Conveniently Effective Process

A customized Invisalign treatment plan is developed for each patient individually to achieve the best results depending on their bite and teeth alignment. Each set of aligners is worn for about 2 to 3 weeks, where it exerts a gentle force onto your teeth, shifting them little by little towards the right alignment. The new set of aligner continues the shifting of your teeth from where the previous aligner left off. By the end of your treatment period, the series of aligners will have moved your teeth into their new, beautiful and straight position. You will walk out of our Toronto clinic with a perfect set of teeth.

Invisalign vs.Braces


  • Removable
  • Clear aligners that are virtually invisible
  • Easy to clean teeth
  • NO food restrictions
  • No irritation or pain


  • Fixed
  • Metal brackets and wires that are very noticeable
  • Brushing and flossing are more challenging
  • Many food restrictions
  • Metal might cause some irritation or pain

Our Chaplin Dental Invisalign Promise

If you’re looking into straightening your teeth, for health reasons, cosmetic reasons, or both, our experienced and highly skilled dentists at Chaplin Dental located in Davisville, are always ready to provide you with the careful, customized and exceptional care you deserve. We are proud to have been providers of Invisalign orthodontic solutions for over 15 years in the Toronto area. We’ll make sure you feel happy, confident and beautiful during and after your treatment, leaving you with a radiant, perfect smile and a positive dental experience for life.

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